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WebBoss Blog

Check out the latest news, updates and musings from the team at WebBoss. We like to keep our customers up to date with the latest top tips, design trends, and general technological favourites that the web world has to offer, so subscribe today to ensure you don't miss out.

In a time where technology is developing faster and faster, web design is beginning to be seen as easy as dragging and dropping the right images into the right places and with hundreds of themes and designs are freely accessible, anyone and everyone is able to design a website. So is it fair to say that web design is dead? I have recently read a few articles and blogs which would definitely argue so.

However, I'm here to argue that Web Design is not dead. In fact, it is alive and kicking! But of course I would say that, working for a website company, surrounded by programmers and designers working hard behind the WebBoss system. Although WebBoss also has the option for you to create the site yourself using the Instabuild Self Build package, here are my 5 reasons why website designers are still essential for creating your website...



Content is surprisingly over looked in designing a website. Whilst it's easy to let your website 'design itself', how good it looks is only a part of the whole process and there's one thing a machine can't write well and that's good quality content. It needs to sound natural, organic and like there's an actual human behind the screen. Having content you've put time into writing will really make a difference to your visitors and web presence.


Design by Designers

Whilst it is beginning to be possible for a computer to analyse your content and suggest a design based upon semantics, the difference between a Designer doing your design and a computer offering you a number of patterns and shapes is that professional designers know how to tell a story and bring emotion into your design, representing your brand. It will be key to making your brand identity individual and your customers loyal. On top of this, the computer will only know the most recent designs that it has been suggested. Whereas your web designer can easily combine a mixture of different design elements using the most up to date trends. With designers still creating web design the computers will always be one step behind.


Tech Support

Although technology is designed to make our jobs easier and do the things we don't have to, what happens in the rare cases when something breaks? That's why, for example here at WebBoss we have real folk behind the chat supports on every website so if there's something that needs explaining in further detail, or you need a member of staff to take a look at your website, we can sort it in minutes. Behind every machine or computer there is always a person. Chances are you can even talk to your personal designer!


Ease of access

Although we're in 2015, there are still  a lot of modern and every day technologies that are not accessible for people with disabilities. So it's up to designers and developers to be constantly working on new ways to adapt web design so that it is as accessible as possible to everybody.


It's such a wild 'coincidence' when a company stumbles across a website that looks almost the spitting image of theirs; down to the colour theme hex's and your logo but rotated a few degrees clockwise... If you know what you're doing, it's very easy to copy websites. This is why in the world of web design, people are needed for the ethical and copyright side of things so we can develop new ways of making copying harder and so we can point out when something that is clearly not allowed has been done. 



Overall it seems again, at least in my opinion, that these articles and blogs are written to grab attention. In reality the article isn't arguing about web designers being superfluous but rather an evolution of web design. The blog that I linked to at the beginning of this post isn't really arguing against web designers, he is arguing against a time long ago (OK, maybe only a few years ago) in which people quickly created a website which looked good. For a while now, designers and webmasters alike have known that a pretty website is not enough. Instead it needs to be user friendly: and thus we have the birth of UX design! 

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It can be easy to spend a lot of money on marketing for new customers, a few online adverts and a week or two later you may have received a lot of interest but, if you are like most small businesses, you may start to feel the cost. Whilst it is always necessary to bring in new customers, it is sometimes easy to forget the customers you already have! Did you know that you are more likely to get a customer to return than bring a new customer in? This is also cheaper meaning that you get a bigger return. So here are a few ways that you can make sure your existing customers feel appreciated. 1.Talk to them. It might sound simple, but communication is key to keeping your customers happy. This includes acknowledging orders they have made, all the way through to new stock you may have in store. 2. Listen to your customers. Following on from our previous point, always listen to your customers. If they leave a review on your website or social media page, you should acknowledge this, especially if it is a complaint! Most customers will walk away without comment if they are unhappy with a service and you’ll never know why. So, try to deal with each instance calmly and respectfully and use this information to better the service you provide! 3. Provide Support. Make sure that you have more than one way for your customer to contact you. Some may prefer to email, whilst others may feel more comfortable discussing their issue on the phone. Regardless of the methods your present to your customer always make sure that you can find a solution to their problem, and quickly. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, but if you are able to show your customer that you can correct it, you are more likely to keep them as a customer. 4. Keep your website up to date. Adding your new products to your website and highlighting promotions can help to draw customers back to your website time and time again. Not only can this reassure your customers that you are still up and running, but updating your website content can also help your search engine rankings! 5. Reward your customers! If a customer keeps coming back, reward them! This can be anything from being the first to hear about a promotion, a money off voucher, or even a free product/service for their loyalty! Not only will this help to keep you in contact with your customers but it will encourage them to return again.   With the cost of finding new customers being up to 8 times more expensive than encouraging your existing customers to return, it really does pay to be attentive! There are many other ways that you can also encourage customers to return to your website, including blogs, social media, surveys and competitions. The possibilities are endless and can easily be implemented to increase your sales!...

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| 17th January 2017 | Web Design

Regardless of whether you already have a website and are looking to refresh your design and content, or if you are just now preparing for the jump into the online world, it is always best to be aware of a few basics before you make any big changes. These can include such things as what you should or shouldn’t do, and so here we are to help you along with your planning! Do’s DO make everything relevant. What benefit does content have if it’s not relevant? There's no use in talking about something that has nothing to do with your website. In fact, this could even effect your SEO, and drag you down in the rankings. So be sure to make everything relevant and unique to you. DO have a colour scheme. Chances are, if you are already an established business you have your own branding. If you're running a business, then it’s usually recommended that you go with your branding colours. Just to keep the brand alive, this is vital to any website. DO structure your pages. If you just chuck stuff anywhere on a website page then it'll look messy and unprofessional, not only that but it's confusing for the visitor as well. Keep everything structured and simple. That way, it’s easier to read.  DO make it simple. There is power in the old adage of keeping things simple and sweet.  People like things quick and easy, no fussing around. This can even help to bring your visitors back time and time again! So, try not to add too much onto one page or try to make it look as fancy as possible. If you’re not sure of the best way to structure your webpages you can talk to one of our designers! DO make your website responsive. A recent study showed that mobile searches are actually starting to overtake desktop searches. Therefore, if you are not showing your best face on mobile devices you could be missing out on a huge portion of the market! This is a disaster for any site as any visitor using a mobile device will just leave the site once they see how difficult it can be to navigate. Here at WebBoss we have a built in responsive site tester so that you can preview how your website will look on various devices.  DO link your social media. Why not boost your social media following whilst running an awesome website? You can even input a live feed! Displaying your latest posts from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.  DO ensure it’s easy to contact you. We recommend that you have a contact page within your navigation menu. Allow contact to be as easy as possible for your customers, so if you have a brick and mortar business, consider adding your address and contact number in your website header to help you seem more approachable. Don’ts DON'T over complicate everything. Running a business is complicated enough, so try to keep things simple. Yes, your customers will be grateful, but it will also give you less to worry about! For example, use a navigation bar. It’s a life saver making it easy for your website visitors to find exactly what they need. DON'T overuse colours...or fonts, or images. Some people believe that the more colours/fonts/images the better... that is not the case. Focus on the branding and the persona of your business. Most of the time, less is definitely more. Yes, images look pretty and will break up text. But using too many images will distract from the actual website. The same goes for the font, try to stick to one or two fonts to bring emphasis to your written content. DON'T forget to post. It sounds silly and obvious, but it can easily be forgotten. Making sure you post up-to-date content on a regular basis sounds easier than it is and having regular content is great for SEO. So why not make a schedule? Or create a blog?  DON'T stuff pages with keywords. Keywords are vital when it comes to SEO, which you can learn more about in this blog, so placing them within the text is also very important. However, don’t be tempted to overuse them, and if anyone ever suggests you do run away quick...